Environmental commitment
An obvious and sustainable eco-responsible offer

Since 2012 UHINA is officially committed to the approach of a responsible offer by the implementation of 7 days of training and the signing of the Responsible Tourism charter. In 2018, wishing to be recognized in our steps by the attribution of a label recognized by the State, UHINA federated its teams around an ambitious environmental and human project: the NF ENVIRONMENT - Site of visit standard (by AFNOR Certification).

Each of our offers is part of this environmental and human approach by associating "an exceptional place",
and "a fun and friendly offer: Discovering by Rafting or Bike Surfing".

Certified eco-label

1st activity and leisure provider in France to obtain the NF ENVIRONMENT certification - Site of visit, we offer you an exceptional rafting experience!

Sustainable tourism

As a tourism professional, we are also signatories of the "Sustainable Tourism" charter.
The purpose of this commitment is to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of natural areas, to promote the local economy, to encourage exchanges between local actors and visitors, and to offer tourist activities accessible to all.
By signing this charter, we commit ourselves to :
- Buy eco-responsible and local
- Reduce energy consumption
- Promote biodiversity
- Preserve water resources
- Reduce the production of waste
- Raise awareness of this approach


UHINA also supports the actions of reforestation led by WeForest.

"We imagine a world where communities and nations sustainably manage their forests and natural resources for the benefit of our climate, our environment and humanity."

Eco-label products

As we carry out our activity with the objective of preserving natural spaces in a sustainable manner, we give priority to the purchase of European Ecolabel and NF Environnement products.

Selective sorting

Committed to a sustainable approach, we actively participate in waste recycling.


In order to raise awareness of this eco-responsible approach, we display various eco-gestures in strategic points of the visit site (water tap, light, etc.)

Environmental policy

Since its creation, respect for the environment has always been a fundamental element for Uhina.

Discover Uhina's environmental policy

Sustainable procurement policy

Beyond a strong environmental policy, Uhina's website gives a lot of importance to the products it uses as well as their origin, all this with the aim of respecting the environment.

Discover Uhina's sustainable purchasing policy