Discover the Basque Country by bike surfing

Discovering an exceptional landscape between heaven and earth

The massifs of the Basque Country are an exceptional territory. We take care to make you discover this heritage which characterizes so much our region. Pleasure and sharing are at the heart of this adventure.

An exceptional course with breathtaking views of the mountains and the ocean!

Our formulas
Surrounded by horses,
black pig, cow, sheep
Ocean views

Our place of welcome

An authentic welcome at the start of the course

We welcome you in Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle on the ZA of Lizardia.

Ideally positioned at the beginning of the course, this will allow us after a hand in hand of the machine to leave to the discovery of the territory of Xareta.

An incredible discovery of the Basque mountains with a diversity of landscapes and views of the ocean.

Discovering by bike-surfing

A journey between heaven and earth

Accompagné par un guide nature, vous monterez le sommet des montagnes sur le domaine de Xareta. Vous pourrez admirer les vues imprenables sur l’ensemble des chaines montagneuses ainsi que sur l’océan. Un parcours juste incroyable.

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Mountain formula

Sunset Mountain

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